Our affiliates and referral partners.

Annabelle Sabloff
Living Memory Personal Memoir Services
Annabelle interviews people and helps them write their life story.
Pictures That Move works with Annabelle to interview people and tell their life story through video presentation.
Naz Melconian
Mimmo and Naz,
Mimmo and Naz capture life defining moments on Super 8 film for a unique artistic look.
Pictures That Move provides video editing services to Mimmo and Naz.
Ryan Taylor
Computers Made Easy,
Computers Made Easy offers in-home computer lessons as well as setup, sales, and repair.
Ryan has provided technical services to Pictures That Move on various occasions.
Chuan Chee
Wedding Dance,
Toronto Dance,
Chuan teaches Quality Wedding Dance Lessons as well as Quality Dance Lessons for Beginners.
Pictures That Move is a member of BNI Cabbagetown.
For more information on other members and referral partners of BNI Cabbagetown see

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