Have you ever made a decision that maybe was not such a good decision? I felt like that yesterday when I had a dental appointment to have a filling put in. As my dentist applied the anesthetic I thought that maybe having my mouth frozen on the same day that I was giving a speech at Toastmasters was perhaps not such a smart idea.

Fortunately the effect of the freezing wore off within a few hours. I gave my speech in the evening, I incorporated a few elements from my dental adventure into my speech, and I won a blue ribbon for Best Speaker for the evening. A decision that started out as not so smart ended up working well in the end.

Who do you know that has a story that needs telling through video?

Whether it’s a story about someone who is trying to make the world a better place, a story about your summer trip, or someone’s life story; whatever the circumstances please put them in touch with Pictures That Move so that we can help them tell their story through video. Rest assured that it will be a decision that works well in the end.

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